Addventureprise was founded with the primary objective of 'Executive Investing'. It will found and fund and manage the businesses with like-minded entrepreneurs where it can be a synergizing partner and by contribute to the management of the organization.
           We keep on exploring the enterprising opportunities which match our competencies and interests; we partner with those who are passionate about a business idea and also have the flair and caliber in a given type of business and who appreciate the need of a partner who can complement the essentials of their business venture.

Partnerships - the qualities we look for or we want be looked for:
  • Utmost conviction about the business idea / model
  • Hard work & Perseverance
  • Burning desire for success
  • Passion for excellence (through continuous learning and improvement)
  • Sense / feeling of being imperfect and yearning to overcome it!
  • Belief in the synergy - welcoming and appreciative of partners with complementing skills / capabilities. strong belief that power of 'WE' is much bigger than power  'sum of individual strengths'
  • Faith in each other; Respect for each other

HornmerchantTM  Wealth Solutions LLP

Hornmerchant Wealth Solutions LLP  with its partners and associates provides complete (all-at-one-place) Financial Services & Investment Solutions to Corporate & Individual Investors, such as:

1. Professional Financial Planning & Advisory Services

2. Distribution / Sales of Financial Products (Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Other             General Insurance, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Equity Shares)

3. Investment in & Sale of Precious Metals (Gold, Platinum & Silver)

4. Investment In Real-Estate